The closing of so many Grids

Its amazing I see so many grids closing their doors. Virtual Highway, InWorldz, Sinful Grid and so many more wonderful places have closed their open doors.
I loved those places. Anawigi and I use to visit InWorldz, and had land there and so much more. Anawigi is now gone. Breast Cancer took her August of 2014. My precious Warthog is also gone October 2017. So many memories of our lives on these grids that have closed.
So much has been lost. My Thanks goes to the owners and their effort for keeping them open for so many years. My heart goes to them as I know it was not an easy discussion to close them..
HuGGs Always,

Great Places to Visit

I finally did it I now have a place of my own.. Gosh darn, I mean My own Grid that I run from my Server computer.. Thanks so much Fred B… for the Outworldz installer…

Just love it

I call my Grid Dolfins Dream World as it has been a dream of mine for a long time.. not it’s not open to the public to join, but you can Hypergrid there. Love having visitors be sure to leave me a notecard in the mailbox on Hummingbirds Island.

Here’s how you can hop to it:


There are a few places you’ll want to visit..


Come enjoy..

HuGGs as always

Iris & Warthog

Time Changes Everything

Time has a way of changing everything..

Warthog is doing much better now days. I got him out of the hospital over a week ago. He is getting a bit stronger. Thank heavens for that.

He still sleeps a lot, so Yep you guessed it … I am on my sites and busy trying not to think about to much..

I just opened sites on two more girds.. they use Gloebets for currency.. I love this as you can Hypergrid to any place you want and only have to be responsiable for one cash transaction…

cool idea who ever came up with it..

Well Huggs as always …. I need to get back to work..


Warthog and Me

Warthog has been in and out of the hospital lately. He is now home and doing alright, not great but okay.

It has made things hard for me to get into my spots in the virtual world. He tries to hard. We are praying that things at least get stable around here so I can get back to work ….



Great Places to Visit on the HG

There’s this great place to go on Lost World. Its a vast amount of portals Just have to pick one to start your adventure. I checked out a few and had a great time doing it… Located at:  hop:// World/147/157/36

Found a great little spot to ride a real Great Super Roller Coaster.. This is a must you have to catch a ride on the “Tornado” located at:  hop:// World/32/106/28      This guy Joe Builder did a wonderful Job building this coaster. Superb Craftsmanship if I do say so myself..

I then went back to the Portals and followed my hearts dream to “Mermaids Cove” Caught a ride on their Submarine there. It took me through the lands underwater and was a spatula display of under water life. I even got to see a Merman! Breath taking Sites….

I ran out of time to play on these lands. Believe me I plan to go back soon..

Great Job Joe Builder!!!

As Always




Tried uploading the new Outworldz server got it to work for a while but then something went wrong, so I deleted everything. I tried to restart everything again this stupid thing gives me an error message that I need to have a land first and now it won’t run.  I’m so frustrated I could just scream!!! It was really great when I had it running. Had it going for two days now I can’t get nothing to work!! Guess I got a email for Fred!



Finally got my Outworldz loaded and its up and running.. Yippie! My Server computer went down. It seems that the cpu came uprooted and needed to be reseated. Not sure if that was the case, but when i got it back I reloaded a fresh copy from and started again.. Poof!! up and back to normal. showed my lands and was able to reach them from my regular computer. Yippie!! Cool Beans!



Loss of land but a New Beginning

I have since given up my land in Second life. The cost was so much. I now have land in InWorldz that I pay for but the cost is not very much. I also am now running my own server and have regions in OSGrid, and Metropolis. Those regions do not cost as I am the owner of the server there.

Love being my own boss. I have been busy creation and setting up lands

As of right now OSGrid is down. who knows when it will be repaired.

I still run Metropolis girds, Hummingbirds, Anawigi and Turtle Beach.

I am making friends and finding new things to do..

I also have my SOAS land that I play with trying to make more new terrains and such.

Life is not bad!

Still miss Anawigi